Monday, August 27, 2012

Road Trip! Lunch at Mexican Radio

 I went to lunch with my friends Kate and Val in downtown Hudson NY, to a place called Mexican Radio. The food there was excellent! But it was so much more than great food. The color and the decor there, fed my soul... Check it out...

 I even loved the door.
 Candles lit all over the place, even on a sunny afternoon.  I Loved it.
 A quiet Mariachi band made of metal
 Mexican handmade pottery all over the place, reminded me of my honeymoon all those years ago in Puerto Vallarta
 And tho this picture didn't come out so well, i could not bear to delete it. I LOVED this bigger than life sized painting of Mary (I will just HAVE to go back there and try to take a better picture to share with you! sigh... ;)
 Downtown Hudson is awesome too. Almost every shop on the main street is filled with beautiful antiques. The funky kind and the very expensive kind. I touched a chair from the 1700's and thought about all the others who had touched that very same wood.

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Dip-Dip and the Bridge said...

What a cool place to have lunch!
I love the band - that's what I call heavy metal band, groan :)
The picture on the side of the building is fantastic too as is the artwork inside.
Thanks for sharing!
Lynne x