Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More Paintings for the Art Shows

" The Newborn"
watercolor, pencil

watercolor, pencil

"Used to be Sedona"
Acrylic and ink on paper

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Two Upcoming Art Shows!

"Spring Bouquet"
watercolor, pencil

Things have been moving along here at the Robinson house...slow but sure. Bill is recuperating from his surgery and i am becoming more confident with our new way of doing things every day... We are still pretty much home bound, which works out just fine for me, because this upcoming Troy Night Out is a special one for me and my family. My Mom, my daughter Katie and i are all sharing space in the gallery at The Paper Sparrow on River Street in downtown Troy NY for the May/June show! Mom and i will be showing our paintings, and Katie will be showing some of her photographs, combining mixed media and fiber art.

"Pot of Pansies"

I have to admit, i have been so busy making knitted and crocheted toys, rosaries and jewelry, my painting had gotten a little rusty....This upcoming show has made me dust off my paint brushes and get back to work! The name of our show at The Paper Sparrow is "Three Generations", and opening night for the show will be on Troy Night Out, May 28th. Please stop by and say Hi!

"Beat of my Heart"
watercolor and colored pencil

But wait! That's not all! I have also been invited to enter a few pieces of my work in an upcoming show at The Marketplace Gallery in Albany NY!
"Just a little green..."
watercolor, mixed media, collage

I will be one of many local artists showing their work at the "Elemental" show, opening on First Friday, June 4th. The show will hang thru the month of June. This will be my first time showing my work at The Marketplace Gallery. Thank you Sam for giving me this great opportunity!

"As Above, So Below"
watercolor, salt, pencil

So i have been busy painting and matting and framing pieces...deciding what painting goes into what show....It feels good to get my creative juices going again!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Little Baker

Here's my Best friend Lola the Baker Girl, helping me bake our daily bread.

She LOVES to eat "Gumma Bread" but this is the first time she asked to help me make it...

She shaped it

and patted it...

and sprinkled the seeds on top... and then it went into the oven

Now it was time to make more bread dough

She stirred the flour, yeast, salt and water until she couldn't move the dough with a spoon any more..and then came the fun part...

In we go, hands first! First, you have to taste it....

then "squish and push it"...

then taste it again! I think Lola is just like her Grandmother...she likes the taste of the dough just as much as the finished product! This is going to be delicious bread!