Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My walk today- 8/7/12

So, after talking to my walking coach (Bill, my husband) he suggested i change things up every once in a while, to challenge my body a bit. Walking on the bike path is pretty flat. I can change my speed, direction and stride, but that's it. So this morning i decided to walk Manor Avenue, down to the Fall's Park and back. Manor Avenue is a very busy street, so i would be conditioning myself to walk near traffic(to challenge my balance issues) Also, walking down Manor Avenue is like walking down one of those huge bumpy slides you see at County fairs. Very steep and undulating terrain. I took some photos of Manor Ave from the top of the hill, but they all came out blurry(cars zipping by made me wobble and so no clear shots-I've still got lots of work to do there)
So, after getting to the bottom of the hill i entered Fall's Park. It was such a beautiful, clear day!

The gardens there are very pretty. This rose smelled so good!!!
Once you cross the bridge here, you get to the overlook at the falls.
This is what the falls look like from the main overlook platform
(if these photos look familiar i have posted about our falls before here) I decided i'd like to challenge myself a little more so i wanted to get closer to the falls and river bed. But the only way down is here.
Holy Vertigo!!!!
I took a deep breath, clutched the railing and my walking stick and down i went, all the way to the bottom(the river bed access was closed due to recent rains)
The view down there is worth all the sweat and wobbly legs.
one more shot a little closer before climbing back up the stairs....
At the main platform level, you can see the river bank and North Mohawk Street. That's old St. Patrick's Church across the street to the left.
And to the right(going in my direction home) is the new LePage's store, overlooking the falls
(I hear they have great submarine sandwiches and ice cream too!)
And here is one of the docks cutout especially for fishing. I liked the little handicapped sign. They really thought of everything when putting this park together.
OK! So now i had to go all the way back up the roller coaster road home, and did it in good time.
As i passed the entrance to the bike path i saw one of the little ladies i pass on the path.  She wears brightly colored dresses and a kerchief over her head every day. I'll be walking her way tomorrow!


Dip-Dip and the Bridge said...

What a beautiful place you live, it is so picturesque, love the photos! The falls look stunning - wow, I would have trouble going down there, I have awful vertigo. Whenever I go on an escalator I have to grab someone in front of me or I just fall down, haha.
That was one heck of a walk for you, you must have been very pleased with yourself! Well done Mare.
Lynne xx

Mare said...

Hi Lynne, I love my little city of Cohoes, but not many would call it a pretty place. It's been a struggling city for some time now, tho many people are working to bring it back to it's old glory. Bill and i made a conscious decision to stay here and help get it back on it's feet because we love it here. I personally think it's beauty outweighs the down sides. That is what i choose to focus on.
It was a Hell of a walk, and one i don't think i will do often or any time soon again!