Saturday, August 11, 2012

Playland Fun

 Last week my daughter Carly and i took Lola and Zoey to Hoffman's Playland for some Summertime fun. When i was a little girl my Parent's used to take us to this place every Summer and we loved it. And when our girls were small, Bill and i used to take them here, and they loved it too... Tho Zoey is a bit too young for the rides (just a month old) Lola is just right for most of the rides here. So we want to build some great memories for this next generation.

I rode on the Merry Go Round with Lo...Who's having more fun?

And we went on the balloon ride together too. There is one ride still in operation here that was working when I was a child! It's the Caterpillar ride. Does anybody from this area remember that? It looks and moves exactly the same. The eyes still light up just like they used to!

We had a really great time. Here we are, me looking a little wind blown and Lola looking fresh as a daisy. Ahhh Youth!


Dip-Dip and the Bridge said...

It's hard to tell who is loving the rides more (I think it might be you though Mare, LOL.)
I love those Merry-go-rounds too, some of the rides they have these days - well, all of the rides, are way to fast for me. I went on one a few years ago and everyone said my face was literally green, ha!
Lynne x

Mare said...

I'd say both Lo and i enjoyed ourselves immensely!I am definitely a child at heart and never did grow up internally! I do NOT do roller coasters, even little ones, and i'd say that one picture of me looks a little green too! :)