Friday, July 26, 2013

Back again...

Bill was released from the hospital on Monday and we were back in the ER on Wednesday...He has been re-admitted to the hospital. Please keep praying....Love, mare

Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Special Gift

Lola brought me a special gift

 It was wrapped up special and made just for me
 She said "Gumma i wrote you a song.."
and here it is

"to the hedge and over the sea
and over mountains
and onto the seashore"
What a treasure for me....

More Updates on Bill

Somehow, someway, with the help of a lot of prayers and good wishes, Bill has stabilized in his lungs and in his kidney function. Three weeks after we entered the hospital we are finally able to address the problem that brought him there...the wounds. We are waiting to talk to the surgeons. They have found an infection in the bones of his left foot, and will amputate the part of the foot that is infected. I am very grateful that the infection is in a part of his body that he doesn't need to survive. Bone infection is very serious(osteo myelitis) but in a Quadriplegic it could be life threatening. We are hoping the surgery will happen early this coming week and we will be able to take Bill home to heal and recover. Thank you all so much for your Prayers and Good Wishes. I believe it is a miracle that he pulled thru the last few weeks of trauma. Please keep the prayers coming! Love, mare

Friday, July 5, 2013

Update on Bill

Bill is still in the hospital, and has been struggling. The IV antibiotics the doctors gave him to stop the infection have caused his kidneys to shut down(temporarily i hope) and this has caused him to be very confused. They are also keeping an eye on his lungs. Please keep the prayers coming. I really do appreciate it. Love, mare

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Dear Friends,
     Bill has been admitted to the local hospital. He is fighting some skin breakdown and infection. I know what the power of prayer can do, so if you would think of us and send some good vibes, we would be so very grateful. Love, mare