Friday, August 31, 2012

Movies with Hannah

 Hannah loves it when we sit to watch a movie
 she likes to be part of the experience
 and fully participates in the action(meaning she tries to catch the moving figures on the screen)
i think i watch her more than the movies!


crimsoncat05 said...

that is hilarious! our cats don't do that (they sleep behind the TV where it's warm) but my sister had a cat who would sit on top of the 19-inch tv and watch Nascar races, upside down... her head would go in circles! Cats are strange creatures, aren't they?!?

Mare said...

Yes they are strange creatures, and this one is Super Strange! She has some neurological damage and her behavior is quite unusual. It took weeks for the other cats to accept her, but now the cats and all the dogs mother her.