Friday, June 27, 2008

Stocking the Shelves

Well, i managed to make three more dolls for The Paper Sparrow this week. A kitty and a puppy out of socks, and a glove dog too. They are all numbered, named, tagged and ready to go to the shop for Troy Night Out.

The new granny square baby blanket is ready to go too, along with some prints of my Mother's and my paintings. They have been selling well recently.

Here is a closer look at the new baby blanket...

This is a close up of the dog's face. His name is Bowser. He is the first sock dog made with my own design. The embroidery is coming along. Just like anything else i guess-the more you do it, the better you get at it. I'm hoping i can improve over time! Ok, time to get these goodies bagged up and off to the shop. I'll be there tonight helping Katie in any way i can. We're expecting a big crowd tonight! I wish you could come!


Farm Chick Paula said...

I wish I could come!! (lip sticking out)
Your little creations are just ADORABLE, Mare!
I hope you do well... even if I don't get to be there... *snifff*

City Mouse said...

This is super looking stuff! It all matches too! Do you find you get into "color moods," or are those your favorite colors? (I know when I am designing for theatre, everything tends to be maroon and dark blues and very earthy Edwardian tones, LOL.)

Mare said...

Thanks guys! I love making things for babies and children and the dolls are the most fun to make. I just never grew up when it comes to dolls and children's books! As for "color moods" yes, i do tend to make certain things in some colors-like things for babies who are yet to be born, i usually use the traditional baby colors. For older children or children already here, i usually try to think outside the box colorwise! My own favorite colors are pink, greens and purples. With my paintings tho, most of the subject matter is Nature based, so blues, greens, browns...earthy colors prevail.