Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New Sock Dolls

Here are the first of my new sock dolls. i just sat down with a pencil and paper and figured out how to get one doll out of one sock. The black bunny was my first and there are definite changes coming to his pattern! But the little baby bunny is more of what i had in mind. I love working with socks and gloves to make these little creatures. They all seem to have minds of their own. I start out cutting and forming the body, thinking i will make a dog, but to my surprise, out comes a definite bunny! Next up, a kitty, a dog and some bears! I LOVE making dolls.
I don't think i ever grew up. And i hope i never do!

In this picture the black bunny's ears have been untied and let down into a "lop eared" look!


Kate said...

You have to get the argyle one down here...STAT!

woolies said...

And WHERE, Exactly, is your online SHOP??????

Kate said...

Tell her, Woolies! She needs one, pronto!

Mare said...

Thanks Ladies! But Kate's shop The Paper Sparrow is keeping me plenty least for now! We'll see as time goes on... :) Thanks again!