Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Workbasket

I keep this basket on my stand in the living room, as i do most of my needlework in the evening, after i finish my daily chores. My favorite thing to do is to finally turn off the lights in the kitchen, call an end to the days work, and sit with my husband and the dogs, and work on my current projects. There is always something to do. So many babies being born to my family and my daughter's friends, and so many of them have no one to make them baby blankets, hats and booties. This basket is full of baby hats made out of cotton, waiting for the finishing touches for my daughter's shop. I have a few orders for specific colors already! And when there is a lull in requests, there are always scarves to be made for the homeless, and baby hats for the newborns in the local birth centers.
My Grandmother Mary taught me how to knit and crochet. It is one of the many cherished gifts she gave to me. I love to do this simple craft. I find it soothing and almost meditative in practice. I carry a little bag with my yarn, hooks and looms wherever i go, as it is such
a portable art. For me it is a satisfying and simple pleasure in life.

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