Tuesday, April 8, 2008

True Sign of Spring

When you see the bonsai trees coming out of the garage to sit in the sun for the afternoon, you know Winter is just about over. My tropical bonsai spend the colder months on windowsills in my home. My outdoor bonsai spend the Winter in the protective shelter of the garage, under my husband's ramp. I have a few trees that can be Wintered outdoors, but buried under mulch, at the base of my huge pines out in the back yard. The trees that are not hardy enough to withstand the cold winds and heavy snows spend a few months in the garage, where it is cold enough for them to go dormant, but safe from the extreme environment. The tender leaves and buds are emerging, and the Japanese Quince is blooming. These little trees bring me so much pleasure, i thought i would share them with you...
Japanese Quince

Japanese Zelkova

Mini Linden- a favorite. This little tree has heart shaped leaves

Box of assorted small saplings


woolies said...

those blossoms on the quince are so pretty! It's very challenging to grow...here in the desert. My garden was amazing back east.

Mare said...

Good Morning Sara! I often wonder what i would do in a garden if i moved to a desert or very dry location. I do love succulents and cactus! ;)
I've been looking at all your dolls, past and present, and they are beautiful....You are very talented! Where do you get the time to get it all done!???