Thursday, April 10, 2008

More Jewelry

My daughter suggested i take photos of my jewelry outside. So today the weather was nice enough to take the pieces outdoors and take some pictures.

This is a necklace made of thin slices of Epidote, with a sterling silver toggle clasp. The stone is the palest of green with little bits of brown and dark green deposits.

This necklace is made of chunky nuggets of clear quartz, strung on a handmade chain. The quartz crystal is slightly faceted so that it catches the light as you move. The quartz looks very much like little ice cubes. Great to wear in the Summer months!


ananda.tashie said...

Ooooh, what beauty! I love crystals. Do you ever use them with your reiki? :) - love, Tasha

Mare said...

Hi Tasha,
Yes, i do use crystals quite a bit in my work and in everyday life. I also keep them all around my house-in my rooms, on my altars, in my plants, in my car and gardens...I especially use crystals when i do a lot of long distance healing work. How about you? Do you incorporate them into your work too?

ananda.tashie said...

(nods) I am also very drawn to crystals. I especially use them to hold when meditating, reiki-charged and sitting around my home, and in a reiki grid for distant healing. :) - love, Tash