Monday, April 7, 2008

A New Look!

Well, the new siding is up on the house. And yesterday the fence people came and took down the old run down wooden fence my husband Bill and i put in 20 some years ago, and put up the new white picket fence. It looks beautiful! And the fence folk were so nice to be careful of my lilies and rose bushes that have been growing around the old fence all these years. I think most everything will be coming back up again this year. I lost so many other old plant friends to the other construction work that has been going on here for the last three years. Today i can see the day lilies and ground cover pushing thru the packed down soil out there. They are so resilient! Next project is the new front porch, which should be happening any day now (just in case you were wondering about that steep drop off the front door step!) Finally after three long years, the "to do" list is getting short!


woolies said...

hi again,
so where are you located? It's so amazing to meet new people this way!
you should consider selling your dolls/jewelry on Etsy.
if you want to email me it's
and yes those are two of my dogs' names.

Mare said...

Hi Sara,
I am located in Upstate NY, just outside of Albany. Thanks so much for your kind words on my dolls and jewelry. I have thought about opening an Etsy shop, but right now i am so busy getting things ready for my daughter's shop opening in a few weeks. I also have my jewelry and some crocheted things and a few paintings for sale at another local shop. Once things calm down a bit, i just might look into Etsy for real. In the meantime, i'll be visiting you daily! :) mare

Murray said...

The house looks lovely, can't wait to see the front porch. Congrats on working through your to do list... mine is just getting longer and longer! Can hardly wait till the wedding is over so I can focus on a thing or two on my list.

Mare said...

Hi Murray,
Thanks! We have been working on this house steady now for about 3 years and i am sure glad to see the end of that list! ;)mare