Sunday, April 27, 2008

She Did It!

Well, The Paper Sparrow is officially open! It took many hours and a ton of hard work, but the end result is wonderful! My daughter Kate was able to have a soft opening during the monthly celebration of the downtown businesses in Troy called Troy Night Out. The Grand Opening will take place soon, complete with a ribbon cutting by the Mayor. From the moment the doors were open, there was a steady stream of well wishers, and serious shoppers made up of locals, friends and family. I know i promised to include plenty of pictures, but honestly i only took my camera out once, in the very first minutes of the opening. And from that moment on, we were so busy greeting customers, visiting with well wishers, helping to take jewelry out from the jewelry cases, wrapping purchases and serving refreshments, i never did get back to photography! And even tho i only managed to squeeze three pictures out of my camera, they are not very good pictures either! But there will be many more to come! I do want to say thank you to my Family. Everyone was so helpful and supportive in this endeavor, whether it was physical labor, prayers and advice, or really just being there. And i would also like to say that i am very very proud of my daughter, and so happy that she had the courage and strength to make her dream come true. There were plenty of folks who advised her that this was not a good time to start a business. But i am a firm believer in the fact that if you follow your heart, and do what you love, the Universe will support you and you will be successful. Both of my daughters have followed their hearts and have been true to themselves-Kate with her business and Carly with her new family and her massage work. My heart is so full of happiness for them both. My husband and i are truly Blessed....

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