Sunday, April 13, 2008

What i did on my Weekend...

Bright and early Saturday morning we set off for the Mid Atlantic Bonsai Show in Kerhonksen New York. It was a beautiful morning drive thru lovely countryside. I think i enjoyed the ride almost as much as the show! Bill and i did not sign up to attend any workshops or lectures, so we puttered around in the Vendor area and then went to visit the Bonsai Exhibit. I brought an "allowance" with me, and easily spent it all! The vendor area was packed full of goodies-supplies like bonsai soil, fertilizer, tools, pots, and plants, both bonsai, and pre bonsai. I bought a few things for my outdoor collection-a few baby Japanese maples, a new flowering quince, and a tiny elm. But my favorites are the indoor tropicals. I bought a few more jasmine, a mini bougainvillea, a flowering orange cutting, a few young Serissa trees, and a Chinese Sweet Plum. The Exhibit area is where all of the show bonsai are displayed. Here are a few pictures i wanted to share with you... This is a Banyan Fig Tree
Here is a closeup of the trunk and aerial root system. Fascinating!

This is a Shohin Black Pine. You can't tell from this photo but this tree is only a few inches tall!

This is a Dwarf Blueberry, and it was one of my favorites at the show.

And last, but not least, here is a picture of my stash, nestled on the back seat of my van, getting ready to go home! It was a great day!


Murray said...

Amazing! The blueberry dwarf my be my favorite too, does it bear fruit??

Mare said...

Hi Murray!
Yes, i am told the dwarf blueberry does bear fruit! The little flowers on the tree looked very much like lily of the valley flowers. They were so sweet!
I have a few fig trees here that actually grow little tiny figs! So cute.... mare