Monday, April 14, 2008

What i did on my Weekend, Part 2

So Sunday we recoup from the busy day at the Bonsai show, and then later in the day we take a ride out to Great Barrington MA, to have dinner at Cafe Helsinki, and to see one of our favorite performers, Fred Eaglesmith. Cafe Helsinki is a very interesting place. It is very very tiny in size but LARGE with personality! I usually am not a night person, don't like to drive in the dark, and am not one to sit in crowded spaces, but where Fred plays, we go! My husband Bill travels in a pretty big wheelchair, and with that bar being so small, it is a pretty tight squeeze. But the folks at the Cafe do their best to accommodate us, which we truly appreciate. We had a nice dinner there before the show, and a few fresh brewed pots of some of the most delicious, aromatic jasmine green tea i have ever tasted. If you are ever in that neighborhood, check out the menu and venue! Fred and his band was great as usual. For us, his shows are always very therapeutic. Not only do we enjoy his songs and music, but he keeps us laughing in between the music with his silly jokes and stories of the road. Fred is also an accomplished artist, and you can take a look at his paintings on his website. So check out the Cafe and Fred by clicking on the links above. You just might become a"FredHead" yourself!

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