Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Things

I've been busy making bunnies and teddies for Spring and Easter! It's so nice to work with lighter pastel colors after such a long cold Winter!
These two little bunnies are sitting on a shelf at Artcentric in downtown Troy NY, just waiting for a new home. (* Both Bunnies were sold this weekend!*)
And these little pocket buns (and their little gnome friend) are also perched on a table at the shop, waiting to be stuffed into a special Easter basket of their own! If you are in the area, stop by and check them out!


Paula said...

I love them, Mare!

Archie and Melissa said...

oh my gosh mare!
these are fabulous!
i love the yarn you chose!
a & m

Mare said...

Thank you Paula and Melissa! I'm up to my ears in bunny parts right now!:)

Flutterby Patch said...

Hi Mare. I love anything bunny so these two little cuties of yours have really mady me smile today. Many thanks for leaving your kind comment re feedback. I was sorry to hear you'd also had problems. What I didn't mention in my blog is the fact that the buyer had actually downloaded the pattern onto her computer so I'm mystified. I've written to her but doubt if I'll get a reply. Keep up the good work.

Mare said...

Thank you "Flutterby"! for stopping by my little blog!I love your dollies so much...I am happy to hear my bunnies made you smile! About negative experiences with our small businesses..I guess it helps to look at them as learning experiences and a way to work the kinks out! And let's hope they are few and far between! hahaha Have a wonderful weekend!