Thursday, March 10, 2011

Candle Power

During the big ice storm we had the other night, we lost our electrical power. So, instead of my kitchen table being piled high with ongoing projects, it looked like this. It was kind of nice to run on candle power (just for one night) I realized how our bodies get tricked into thinking it is still too early to go to bed, no matter how late it is with all those lights and the television on. So i lit some candles in every room and we went to bed nice and early that night
Here's our little stove blasting away, and to the right of it you can just barely see a dog bed with Stella and Little Honey all curled up in it.
And my altar looked so pretty and peaceful in the candle light.
When we woke up the next morning, the power had returned.
(and unfortunately, so did staying up too late at night...)


Peng Peng said...

oh candle light is so pretty! that's the best part about power outages :) the warm stove looks cozy too.

Paula said...

Oh, Mare... call me crazy, but I love it when the lights go out! (Except when I'm by myself! YIKES)

Lola Nova said...

What pretty photos! There is something nice about the power going out and having to rely on candles and getting to bed early. As long as it doesn't last too long :)
Thank you for sharing.

Mare said...

Hi PengPeng! I love lighting candles and was REAL happy to have plenty in stock for the power outage! :)

Mare said...

Good Morning Paula and Lola Nova! it is nice to get a break from the everyday in small doses! We had a major ice storm 2 years ago and it knocked our power out for 5 days and i was ready to go insane by then!