Monday, March 21, 2011

Old friends to new homes

*** The Amethyst Sphere has found a new home!***
When we had the "Great Remodel" done here at the house a few years ago, i packed up my very substantial crystal and mineral collection in boxes(and boxes and boxes) and moved them down into the basement where they would be safe and sound.
I knew from there they would be radiating out all of their positive good energy, and it felt as tho they would get a break from daily use and be once again essentially
"buried in the earth".
Last week i went down and started unpacking some of the pieces i have had in my personal collection for years and for the first time felt it would be ok for them to move on to new owners and new homes.
So some of these sweet pieces have been posted for sale in my Etsy shop, under the section of the shop called "Supplies and Sundries"
There will be spheres, clusters and points as well as pieces that can be used in jewelry making and in arts and crafts.
I am also going thru my extensive semi precious bead collection too, and some of them will be posted occasionally too.
There are only a few pieces available in the shop right now, but as i go thru my collection and make my decisions, the numbers will grow. Maybe you will find something that will be of use to you!


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi mare!

happy monday and happy spring!

what a wonderful post!


Paula said...

They are so wonderful, Mare... I know it must be like a giving a piece of yourself away, but I'm glad they are finding some new homes.

Mare said...

Thanks Melissa and Paula! Yes, it is hard to decide which stones stay and which go, but i have way too many here, and need to learn to share better! hahaha Happy Spring to you both!