Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bloomin' in the Kitchen

Even tho Winter still has a strong grip on the landscape outside, inside things are looking up!

My African violets are responding to the change in the quality of light coming thru the
windows. And every time i see one of them bloom, it is as if i am getting a greeting from my Gram, Mary Stopera, who was the Queen of the African Violet growers....

And my orchids are blooming again! And with all this snow and ice and gloomy weather, i am so glad to see my old friends again!

Orchid plants are so unassuming all year long . But when they bloom, they are spectacular. And the blooms last forever... I have another phalaenopsis orchid that is getting ready to bloom, and it has exotic yellow, green and pink flowers.

My Christmas cactus is also blooming now. Rather, it has been blooming all along since Thanksgiving and is STILL putting out flowers. It must know how desperate i am for bright color and blooming things....
It's the little things like these flowering plants that help carry me thru the gloomy end of Winter and into the promise of Spring gardens...I thought i would share all this color with you!


Nancy said...

THANK YOU Mare For the memories!!!!I loveyou gram!!!!And your flowers and your fingernails, Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mare said...

Morning Nance! Glad it brought back good memories....It's funny but i remember Gram's hands either cooking or covered in potting soil! hahaha

Paula said...

Ooooh~ what beautiful colors, Mare!
Indoor plants can brighten up the day no matter what the weather!

Mare said...

Thank you Paula! Reading your post just brightened my day! :)

Laura said...

Happy Belated Mother's Day, Mare!
Hope you had a beautiful day.

I have an african violet blooming on the kitchen counter, as well as a bright pink Phaleonopsis like the one in your picture.

I, too, love them. And when you can get these to rebloom, you really feel good! Sometime let me know your secret.