Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Gifts She Gave

Earlier this week i went for a ride with my daughter Kate to Argyle, New York, to pick up some fresh, organic honey for her shop, at Moseskill Marketplace. The Moseskill Marketplace is a little shop where local artists can show and sell their wares. The shop wasn't officially open for business, but we were allowed to look around and make a few purchases!
As you may know, i LOVE dolls, especially rag and folk dolls. So i fell in love with this terry cloth towel dolly. I think i might embroider some eyes and a mouth on her face.

And here is a close up of the "BooBoo Bunny" (one of a pair) i bought just because i couldn't leave without them! It is made out of a washcloth, and there is a little pocket in the back so that you can slip an ice cube into it and use the bunny to take the sting out of those booboos on little knees and elbows. SO cute!
And i found these lovely little sachets made out of vintage fabric and filled with sweet smelling lavender buds. I had three but gifted my Mother with the nicest one! She loves lavender too!

While we were there we got to visit with Katie's in laws Ken and Diana. We stopped by their home out in the country and had a wonderful time looking at their gardens. Here are a few gifts we came home with....

Fresh snap peas we picked right from the vines. They are so sweet, crisp and delicious, we almost ate the whole bag full once we got into the car! They are so good, i won't even bother to cook them! I'll eat them just as they are.... And Diana's fresh cut lavender...I wish you could smell how wonderful this little bouquet smells...Just like heaven! My Grandmother just loved the scent of fresh lavender....Thank you dear friends for gracing our table and brightening our day!


Farm Chick Paula said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time, Mare! (And you brought back some real treasures, too!)

Mare said...

Hi Paula,
Yes, we had a very nice day...The drive out there was lovely, all farmland and small, interesting towns for the most part. I love to take rides...and bringing back fresh honey for my breakfast is worth the trip anywhere! :)