Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fresh from the Garden!

We have some new stars in the garden this week!
Thank Goodness i didn't loose all of my bright yellow daylilies! This one has a very strong, beautiful lily scent....

And the wildflowers i transplanted last year came back full force! I am not sure what these little spikes of bell-shaped flowers are called, but i remember them growing in the shady side yard and along the sidewalks when i was a little girl. They bring back such good memories...I'm glad they decided to stay in the garden.

More phlox!

And here come the purple coneflower! They are as prolific as the tigerlilies planted here. In the next few weeks they will explode with color.

And a surprise guest! This modest sunflower was actually planted by the birds! Some of the sunflower seeds that fall from the bird feeders in the dog's yard, trickle down thru the tigerlily bed and have begun to bloom! Such a nice surprise!

And this morning i woke up to the first few morning glory blooms. I have been working very hard to transplant the old vines from the old torn down fence area to the new fence and it is working!
In a few weeks the whole fence should be covered with dark green heart shaped leaves and heirloom morning glory blooms. The hummingbirds and bees just love them! Thanks for visiting my garden this morning!


Murray said...

Beautiful! Are you in zone 5? This time of year, I feel like everything starts dying around here (zone 6b to 7a). Maybe I need to water more, ugh!

Mare said...

Hi Murray,
Thank you! I don't water much here, except for the plants in pots. My soil is clay so it does hold the water longer. But i try to only work with plants that do well in my little part of the world. I think i am in zone 5.....