Friday, July 11, 2008

The Further Adventures of Lola in her Old Fashioned Playpen

Just a few weeks ago i would gingerly lift Lola into her playpen and place her on her stomach for a nap. Well, there have been BIG changes happening inside that playpen!

Now she rolls off her belly and sits like a big girl, grabs a favorite book and takes a look for herself!
After a little quiet time the book gets tossed and things start to happen!
She's almost up....

Oh oh...time to baby proof the house! She's got that "look" in her eye i vaguely remember...Trouble's a'comin!

Thank God for playpens!

Stay tuned to this blog to read the further adventures of little Lola in her playpen!

***And for those of you who have written and googled in for information on where to find an old fashioned playpen, we ordered this one, made by Graco online thru Babies R Us. Check out the link for this large playpen. We just love it!


Kate said...

Heh. She's gonna be trouble. The smartest little trouble-maker you'll ever know.

Mare said...

Oh yeah...the smart ones are the worst!!! I'll have to raise up all of my bonsai and trees, move the big boulders of rose quartz on the floors, check all the electrical outlets and cabinets...That's it! She is never getting out of that playpen! ;)