Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Today we got up early and i brought the dogs out and it was so cold! We had our first snow yesterday. It was nothing like the blizzard parts of the Northeast got yesterday, but it was a sharp difference from the weather we had gotten used to! We had a few more flurries on and off during the day today, but that wind was so cold! For the first part of the day, any time i came into the sun room, the dogs and cat were all curled up in front of our little stove. This is easily the four leggeds favorite piece of equipment in the house!
After everyone was settled, i got out my grandmother's old cookbook
and made my first apple pie of the season.
Even tho the crust edges got a little dark, it sure is good!
Later in the afternoon i packed Pollyanna and Zinnia up in the car and off we went to our groomer's shop for a bath, ear cleaning and nail trim. This was Pollyanna's first trip to the groomer and she was a bit overwhelmed by all the dogs that came running up to greet her when we entered the shop!(I'll remember to bring my camera next time)
Anyway, the girls are just lovely with fresh smelling, silky coats, and both are tuckered out from their experience. I just walked out into the sun room and there they were again, laying in front of the stove again!
Pollyanna is one pooped puppy!


City Mouse said...

Oh! That woodstove looks just beautiful, especially on a cold day like today. (And the pie ain't too shabby either!) Looks like a lovely day at your house!

Kate said...

Must. Have. Pie.

Mare said...

Thanks CM! And Katie, hurry on over~ you're welcome to have a piece! :)