Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My New Friend Manuel....

See that little guy sitting on Cornelius' lap? His name is Manuel, and he is only about 2 1/2 inches tall! He is handmade out of felted wool by a very talented artist named Stacey Hsu. In addition to making cute little guys like Manuel, she also makes sock dogs, (i LOVE sock dolls) and is an illustrator and writer of children's books. A portion of her sales goes to local animal shelters(this is so important and something i also do. )

Look at that sweet little face!

Manuel came with his little scarf and his own tiny ball to play with. How could you not fall in love!!?? To check out Stacey's blog, click here
To go to Stacey's Etsy shop, click here
To look at Stacey's illustration work, click here

Thanks Stacey for all the good work you do! You are such an inspiration to me! And i'm sure a few more of your creations will find their way home here in the future! ;)


City Mouse said...

Oh, I just love felted wool items! I've been meaning to make a felted scarf forever. So cute! Really nice crafting!

Stacey said...

Thank you, Mare! I really appreciate the shout out. Atlas is heading your way today. :)

Mare said...

Hi CM, isn't he so cute? And he has moveable joints too! Stacey you must have the patience of a Saint! I can't wait to see Atlas!
(Atlas is another little felted dog Stacey made, so i got him as a friend for Manuel... :)