Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Is that a Tarantula???

Nah...But it sure did startle me when i was taking the dogs back in from the yard tonight. My camera doesn't take good pictures at night, so this is the best i could do...
This is "her" back side...
I'm not generally afraid of spiders (but i sure do hope my sister Sandy doesn't see this! If you do-sorry Sand...)

This is the under side

After tonight, not only will i watch for hawks while Pollyanna is in the yard, but this thing could probably wrap her up for lunch! (Nah...Just kidding. But she sure is big!) Anybody know what kind of spider this is?


Farm Chick Paula said...

EEEWWWWW... I can't stand them... it sure looks like a big one to me, whatever kind it is!! LOL

Laura said...

Yeah, I know what kind of spider that is. That's a
"huge-scariass spider". We don't have those around here. Only where you live.

Hide the small animals. Never go out without an umbrella this time of year to avoid spider webs!


Mare said...

You guys just made me laugh out loud with your comments! It IS an EWWWW Big ScariAss spider, that is for sure. I wanted to put my hand near it while taking pictures to give you perspective on it's size but i was afraid it would rip one of my fingers off for a snack! ;) Pollyanna never goes out unaccompanied and will be supervised in the yard until she reaches the 5 pound weight point! Too many predators out there!