Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dog Tag! All About The Robinson Pack

Our good friends Paula and Smokey from the Fraker Farm tagged us for an interview! Thank you Paula and Smokey! This is going to be so much fun!

Ok! The dogs are all lined up and ready to go!

Please answer the following questions:

1. What breed(s) are you?
Gipetto: I'm a Malti-poo - a maltese/poodle mix.

Zinnia: ummmm...i was slipped into a basket with a litter of dachshund/poodle mix pups..We think i may be part cattle dog/part border collie/part kangaroo(because i jump so high)/part alien...
Pollyanna: part chihuahua/part pug, so depending on how i turn put when i am grown, i am a "Chug" or a "Pughuahua"
2. How old are you?

Gipetto: I am 14, tho sometimes i act just like a puppy.
Zinnia: I just turned 2.
Pollyanna: almost 3 months old already!

3. What is your full name?
Zinnia Zoe

4. Do you have any nicknames?

Gipetto: I have many! Geeps, GP, Geeper Peeper Foo(Safou calls me that) Peeps, Lover boy, Petto, Mr. P....
Zinnia: I am called Zin, Zinnie, Zinnie the Pooh, Zinnie Poo the Kangaroo (because i can jump so high)
Pollyanna: They call me Pol, Polly, Pollywog, Pollywallydoodle, and i am sure there will be more names...

5. Where do you usually sleep?

Gipetto speaking for them all: We sleep wherever we want to, but mostly where our people are. We have dog beds all thru the house, and we are allowed to sleep on the furniture. But our favorite thing is to lay on the couch at night when Mom is working on her projects, and also when we get to sleep in bed.
6. What is your favorite thing to do?

Gipetto: Sleep, eat, snuggle, be admired and get my belly rubbed.
Zinnia: RUN, guard the house, try to get every one's undivided attention, PLAY, chase balls and kongs, chase the birds at the feeders, BARK, jump, get rewards for doing what mom asks, playing with Polly, play tug, licking and guarding Lola, playing with Seth, (i had to cut her off you can see, Zin is rather high energy, and sleep and food come low on the chart here...)
Pollyanna: I like to do everything Zinnia and Geeps do! And i love my treats for training!

7. What is something unusual/interesting about you?

Gipetto: Whenever anyone comes into the house they are always trying to get away from Zinnia and Pollyanna, and want to pet me. I am the Lover of the family... Oh and when i was a pup i fell down the back door steps and to this day i am still nervous on those stairs!
Zinnia: When you pick me up i sit bolt upright in your arms. I can straddle the dog house to see over the fence(even tho it has a peaked roof) I can "hear" my favorite visitors coming before they turn down my street! I can run so fast and jump so high....
Pollyanna: I am just adorable! And everybody loves me, even Bella the cat. 8. Who is your best friend?

Gipetto: My brothers are all gone, so Mom is my best friend now.
Zinnia: Olive is the best! Geeps and Polly are fun too.
Pollyanna: Zin and Geeps and Bella and Chloe!

9. Did you go to obedience school...if so were you "TOP DOG" or did you flunk out?

Gipetto: You cannot learn to be a great Lover in school. That comes naturally....
Zinnia: I was voted "Val-dog-torian" in my puppy class! I have the ribbon and certificate to prove it too!
Pollyanna: Not yet, but maybe i will go with my new cousin Chloe...

10. Can you do any tricks?

Gipetto: the tradition of the great Lover, i wait till my human relaxes and then i stick my tongue in their mouth and kiss them. It works every time!
Zinnia: I can do everything! I jump high, i roll over, i sit stay, i can jump thru hoops, i can fly like a bird, i can(again, i had to cut her off...she is very proud of her accomplishments.)
Pollyanna: If i try really hard i can sit and then Mom gives me a special treat! And i am learning to climb up the back stairs, but they are so big for me! And i know how to be really really cute!

Thank you, Robinson crew!.... now they want to pass this tag on to...
OLIVE and Kate! And anybody else out there who wants to join in!


City Mouse said...

You must have gone around town and gathered up the best looking, cutest pups available!

Mare said...

Awww! Gee thanks CM! I love those little critters!

Farm Chick Paula said...

Oh that's wonderful, guys!!! I especially loved hearing about the tricks you can do!!! Thanks for playing along!! (You too, Mare!!)