Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Zoey and her Bunny Blanket

 I made this little Bunny Blanket Buddy for our Zoey for Christmas and she seems to really love it!
Nothing makes me happier then to see a child happy with one of my little creations....Zoey sleeps with her bunny blanket every day. I make these little guys super soft and safe for children of all ages. 
I have another of these little Bunny Blanket Buddies in my Etsy shop, just waiting for a new home. It is hand crocheted with Love out of Lion Brand's super soft Homespun yarn, in the color "Pearl"

These sweet little blanket buddies make great baby shower gifts, and are a sweet way to welcome a little newborn into the world....
For more information, click here.


Dip-Dip and the Bridge said...

What a perfect gift for anyone who is having or has had a baby. I can just imagine a little toddler snuggling up to their bunny blanket too :)
ps, Thankyou for all your healing energy for Dip. It is very much appreciated! Her eye is healed now but I think she has lost some sight in it as she turnes her head when she is looking at something on her right. Still, it is a small price to pay for such a serious accident.
Love Lynne and Dip x

Mare said...

Awww Thanks Lynne! I've sold a few of these in the shop i stock in a local town.
You are so right about little Dip. I was worried that she might lose the whole eyeball at first, but she is a tough little cookie, Thank Goodness!