Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Beam me up!

Well, today i had a very interesting experience. Laser surgery on my left eyeball! The proceedure is called Laser Iridotomy. I have  small eyeballs and shallow eye sockets, which causes a condition called "Narrow Angles"in my eyes. (Why couldn't i have small hips and a narrow waist?) If my "angles" completely close off it becomes a medical emergency, and i could loose my sight, have another stroke, whatever. My surgeon was called in when i went to my regular eye appointment last week and this condition was discovered.We decided this was the best way to go to keep this condition from getting worse. The whole proceedure took a few minutes. But the drops before the surgery(to prepare the eye for the laser) and the waiting period after the surgery(just to make sure there were no complications) took 3 hours. The doctor was very happy with the way my left eyeball responded to the incision, and if all goes well, in 3 weeks i'll have the right eye done. I have a very good feeling about this tonight. I found this chart, and the video below, to show you what happened today. It's pretty interesting....

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