Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pumpkin Heads and Apple Heads

 The weather has grown chilly around here, so the girls are wearing their hats. Lola chose a pumpkin hat this fall
 and baby Zoey wears an apple hat
 (this picture has absolutely nothing to do with hats, but look at those cute little tootsies!)
 Zoey all snug in her little hat
and this little apple dumpling is my goddaughter Breanna's baby Avery, in her little hat. If you have a little one who needs a nice warm dumpling hat, you can get them, handmade with love by me at 
Artcentric on River Street in downtown Troy NY.


Dip-Dip and the Bridge said...

Awww, look at all those little cuties!
Lynne x

teddybearswednesday said...

doesn't lola look a treat in her pumpkin hat! xo
PS I've got a name, how do you feel about Otis?

Mare said...

I love them to pieces Lynne! Have a great day my friend....

Mare said...

Jess, i LOVE that name! Otis it is! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a greeting!