Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Morning Treat Time

 Right after we all get up, the dogs go out and the coffee is made, the cats gather on the countertop and wait for their treats. They LOVE those "Temptations" treats in a bag. I tried more organic treats, all natural, and they all gave the thumbs down...Jack, our gentleman cat, is a Very Picky Eater, and will not even think about eating that stuff. But the girls love them...
 I know, i know...feeding them on the stove top like that is not the best thing, but oddly they only go up there in the morning for treats and after that they stay off. They need to get their special treats up high so the wolves...i mean dogs don't gobble them up.
 The dogs LOVE their cookies. I make them biscuits, or buy their favorites, but one of their most favorite treats is animal crackers.
 they get VERY excited at treat time and cannot sit still even for a minute. There is a bit of scooting around for a better position all the time the cookie jar is open.(thus some blurry faces)
And of course, Safou loves animal crackers too! He takes his time with his cookie and nibbles slowly, dropping a morsel here and there and watches the dogs scramble to lick up the crumbs. What a tease!


Paula said...

I so enjoy seeing your furbaby (and feathered!) family, Mare!
I laughed out loud at the dogs on the floor looking up like, "okay, it's OUR turn for treats!" *haha*

Mare said...

Thanks Paula. They are NEVER more attentive then when i have a cookie in my hand! Have a great day my friend!

Dip-Dip and the Bridge said...

Hi Mare
First of all, thank you for your kindness to Dip and I and for the reiki and healing thoughts, it means a lot to me. We went to the vet today and the news is all good (so your work has done it's job :) Dip's eye is healing well and the pressure is returning to it. She is going back on Friday to get her stitches out.
My cards and book have come but it has been manic here with everything so they are something to look forward to!
I love your post today, LOL, those poor old dogs, tormented by the cats and Safou - they are like 'drop a bit already!'
Lots of love, Lynne x

Mare said...

Oh My Goodness Lynne, i've been so WORRIED about you and Dip! Thank you So much for taking the time to check in and let me know that things are looking up.I'll keep sending good vibes and lots of love your way! I've missed you...love, mare