Sunday, January 4, 2009

Resolutions for the New Year

Meditation pool at Woodstock, New York.

Ask anybody who knows me....i take these resolutions very seriously...Last year i made some resolutions i am proud to say i have accomplished! I had always wanted to get my nose pierced and at the age of 53, i finally did that last January. I also vowed to learn how to knit and before my granddaughter turned 1 year old, i actually made her a sweater! And even tho i am a few days late in posting these (knocked flat on my back with a flu or something...) I am working hard at getting it right this new year. I have come to see this blog as a sort of journal, and find i have been better at posting here more consistently that i have been in any here goes!
#1. Get Organized....Even i have noticed that i am WAY too messy and cluttered! How did i manage to raise two daughters that are so neat and organized? Maybe they were forced to be that way living with such a Messy Momma!
#2. Finish the House Rehab...Three and a half years ago we pretty much took this old house apart and made it more to our liking. But somewhere along the way i got stalled... I have several small projects that are waiting to be finished. And i vow to finally get upstairs and finish and organize my spare bedroom and studio, and work at getting the basement set up too...
#3. Eat Healthier/Buy More from my Farmer's Market/Grow my own...I want to start incorporating more fresh raw veggies and fruits into my diet. And the bread we eat will hopefully be made by hand and not by machines... I am also making plans to do some container gardening in the small yard the dogs play in...More on that later... Anyway by eating healthier and getting more exercise (see Resolution # 5) i hope one of the end results will be a healthier me. I've given up on the perennial resolution to "loose weight". I do manage to do that occasionally, but then i tend to "find" it again!!!
#4. Continue to Grow in my Creative Work -Painting, Knitting, Crocheting, Jewelry making, making my dolls....I've tackled the on to a more advanced plan for all of the above....Working on my art and crafts is what keeps me happy and sane.
#5. Walk the Dogs more/Get some Exercise...I have all sorts of excuses here on how it is hard to walk the dogs more...Gipetto has a bad heart so he pulls like a sled dog and then needs to rest...Polly is just a pup...Zinnia is just getting warmed up after the 30-40 minute walks we take... I think i need to go out in shifts, with Zinnia as a constant companion. We'll see how it all works out...
#6. Take better care of me....Learn to say no...when to say enough...when to slow down or stop... This may be the hardest one of all....It includes getting back to taking one day a week and going on a Date Day with Bill..Maybe see more movies, or get back to visiting museums...and definitely going on short vacations to the Adirondacks and Burlington VT. once again.... And i also want to read more, just for pleasure... I'd say this list is long enough...Now to get to work!


Lola Nova said...

Great resolutions, I can relate to all of them. Darling sweater! Wishing you a creative, healthy and happy New Year.

Karin said...

What a great list! Learning new things is always on my list, too, except this year I resolved not to have resolutions. ;)

Mare said...

Hi Ladies! Thanks Lola Nova! And Karin, i did that one year too and accomplished that resolution! hahaha