Friday, January 30, 2009

Reminder! Mother Daughter Show Opening is Tonight!

Well, Mom's paintings are up on the wall, and mine will go up this morning. Putting together a show like this is a lot of work for everyone involved, but for me it is a labor of love. To have this show with my Mother, is a dream come true. To stand back and see her paintings on those walls makes me feel so happy and proud. And to have our paintings hang on walls my own daughter has worked so hard for, well....i cannot tell you how proud i am and the gratitude i feel. So, i will bring my camera with me this morning when we hang the rest of the show, and will have it with me tonight for the opening, and will be sure to share some photos with you! Wish us luck !


nicole. said...

That is wonderful! Sending lots of love to all of you!

City Mouse said...

Best wishes for it! I can't wait to see pictures!

Kelli said...

Have a great show!!!

Lola Nova said...

I wish you luck but, I don't think you will need it. What a wonderful opportunity and a rare experience. Will Lola be there? Then there would be 4 generations of creative spirits sharing the moment.
Best to you and yours.

City Mouse said...

Sooooooooo ... How was it?!!!

What, you mean you're still there. Aw, we're just anxious to see how it went. You know, I have half a mind to stop in there next time we're on our way up to the mountains. (But then, I've been accused of possessing half a mind often.)

Hope you're having a blast!