Friday, January 16, 2009

Guess Who came to breakfast!???

Little Miss Lola!
Grama made her scrambled eggs, and we cut up some mild cheese squares, homemade bread and butter and small pieces of fresh ripe pear. The eggs are in a bowl her Mommy used to eat out of! (Rainbow Bright! Remember her?)
Lola is used to me getting the camera out when she comes by and is very tollerant... I know looking at baby pictures is not the greatest thing unless it is YOUR baby we're lookin' at.
But please folks, be patient with me...I am in love....

While Lola's Aunt Nancy was home she brought some Sesame Street pop up books for her. Here her Mommy Carly is helping her turn the pages gently... (we haven't quite graduated to big girl paper books yet, but have lots of sturdy board books to love)

I know Aunt Nancy reads this blog, so..Aunt Nance ~ Thank you! She loves the books! And somehow they are all still intact!
While Lola was still here the mail arrived and in came a special package from Australia. Lo was very interested to see what was in that box! It was Ned! A crocheted teddy bear lovingly made by my blog friend and very talented teddy bear artist Jess McCoughey! Jess just opened her new Etsy shop and when i saw Ned, well.... i lost my will power.

Jess, if you are reading this, you can be sure Ned will be well loved!


City Mouse said...

Aw, sweet Lola. Looks like it was a really, really nice visit. What a happy baby. Jess - If you are reading this ... that bear is Gorgeous!!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi mare!
we love lola!
what a wonderful post!
m & e

Karin said...

{love} love love that baby, thank you for the pictures, she is wonderful. A well loved child, I can tell.:)

Mare said...

Thanks Everybody! I think you already know what i think of Lola! hahaha Thanks for the super sweet comments....

teddybearswednesday said...

Thank you for posting Ned on your blog and the mention and everything! YOu are too kind! Look at him, he is so happy!What a happy bear he is with his new home.

Country Girl said...

She is a sweetie!

Mare said...

Jess, we love Ned!
Thank you Country Girl!