Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Happy Halloween

We had a great time at Troy Night Out at The Paper Sparrow last night....The shop was full of costumed trick or treaters, shopping, tasting and visiting... But the special guest stars of the night were...
Little Lola Ladybug
and her big brother Seth, the Grim Reaper!
Here he is trying to be-head Bepa, his Great Grandfather(my Dad)
while the little Ladybug was just plain old adorable. Here she is with G.G.
(short for Great Grandmother-my Mom)
Lola Ladybug from the back, complete with gossamer wings. She was more interested in the basket of crystals and coasters on the table...
while her brother the Reaper tore into the refreshments. A great time was had by all. Bill and i slipped away for a little while and walked to our friend Tom Clement's Frame Shop to meet Harry Orlyk and see his paintings on display. The weather was fine, and we stopped on the way back and bought some fried dough that they were making in the street. You could smell that delicious scent from a block away! What a great night...
(For more photos of the adults dressed up for the occasion
at the shop, go to my daughter's blog...)


Anonymous said...

Awww, what a cute little ladybug! So much nicer than the Asian ladybugs that are swarming us now.

Mare said...

Thanks Amy! Really these pictures are not very good (i need a new camera)She was an even cuter ladybug in person! :)