Friday, September 26, 2008

Dog Days

Having a puppy here again gets me up and out of bed pretty early in the mornings... And now that the weather has turned cooler, especially in the early morning hours, i grab my hoodie and go out with the dogs to supervise. Little Pollyanna is still so small, just three pounds, and we have plenty of hawk attacks happen around here this time of year. And tho i would rather stay in bed under the warm covers until i absolutely have to get up, i have been enjoying being outdoors more than usual. I love this time of year, and going out with the new pup every 20 minutes or so sure helps me see the changes occurring out in nature.

Polly stalking and attacking a morning glory

Gipetto grazing

Zinnia watching over the house and the new pup

My old boy Gipetto feeling frisky and playing with Zin for a brief minute

Zinnia and Polly play constantly. They are good friends now, and Zin is only a little jealous when i pick Polly up. Polly hides in the morning glory vines and jumps out at the dogs when they walk by. It will be nice when she gets a little older(and has a few more inoculations) and we can expand our horizons to the streets around here.


Peng Peng said...

ohhh.. look at all those doggies! Great "pack" of dogs you have going there :) Pup is too cute!

City Mouse said...

Aw, puppies. There's nothing like 'em. Look at all them little angels! So adorable. (BTW - Cute ducky shirt above too!)

Mare said...

Hi Guys,...Those are my best friends! And it is amazing to me how easily Pollyanna fit in with the established group. Honestly i was worried about stressing the older dogs, but poor Mozie was already on his way...and Gipetto is so easy going. Zinnia is very dominant and tends to be jealous, but she took to mothering the pup right away. It's all good....Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I love it when people take the time to leave a message!

Stacey said...

What sweet dogs! Congrats on the newest family member, and thanks so much for swinging by my blog. So nice to meet you!