Thursday, August 7, 2008

Progress Report-Master Bath

Well, we just extended our stay at the hotel three more days, and we still may have to make it an even three weeks staying there...I wish i could say it has been just like a vacation, but with all the running back and forth, it has been more like just plain old extra work... Still, it will be so good to be back home. It's times like this that make you realize how much you appreciate Home Sweet Home!

This is the master bedroom stripped down raw, with the bed barely covered and being used as a work table. I wonder how hard it will be to get all the plaster dust out of that mattress????

Most of the tile work is done and all we need now is some edging and grout.

This hole in the wall will hold a medicine cabinet, and the sink cabinet will be custom built beneath that, to fit Bill's wheelchair. Still there is a whole lot of work to be done. So Holiday Inn has not seen the last of us yet! More updates to come....


Farm Chick Paula said...

Wow! The tile looks GORGEOUS, Mare!
I know you can't wait until it's finished, but it looks like it will be worth the wait!

Mare said...

Hi Paula,
Thanks! The grouting was finsihed yesterday. So now we just need a sink, toilet and shower set up, oh...and some paint and we are all set. It looks like it will take the better part of another week tho....

Murray said...

Looks fabulous! Jealous about the perfectionist contractor too! Although, our contractor (one of the MANY) Tito is pretty good. We're getting a new sink since this one has a teeny tiny scratch and the pedestal is a touch crooked. Glad he noticed it, since I'm so eager to have it DONE, I probably wouldn't have seen it till it was too late!

Can't wait to see your sink and the finished project.

Mare said...

Murray, can you believe how damaged or irregular the new supplies can be? Pokey had to return a few things already, and the tiles we ordered were a bit off and didn't line up the way they should. The color and shape was not uniform like they should have been. I looked at them and told him to not worry. They look more hand made that way, and now the grout is in and it pulls the color variations together. Geesh! Anyway, we know this will all get done sooner or later...right? ;)

Silverdew said...

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