Sunday, August 17, 2008

Beautiful Art(ist) Part 2

Garden sculpture on my deck (store bought but cute!)

Well, i am just back from Sam's big sale and i am tired, but happy! I brought 2 more brand new sculptures home with me, and a long wish list! However, i forgot to bring the dang camera! I have a fresh head cold and the swollen sinuses must be cutting off circulation to the brain....There were so many wonderful things there that i couldn't possibly tell you enough about them. The sale took place at Sam's Mom's home, right on the river front. Some of Sam's sculptures were set up across the street, in the park near the river. I saw my first new sculpture there....

Here is a not so good picture of "Waterfall" (Sam names all his pieces) It is the best i can do for a picture for now, as it is stuck in the back of my car, flat on it's back, waiting for someone strong enough to pick it up and carry it to the shade garden. I pride myself as being strong as an ox, but honestly i cannot even stand this piece up on it's base to get a good hold on it!!! So i will have to wait on one of my son in laws.... It is a good sized piece-takes up the whole floor of my Ford Escape....Anyway, we then entered Sam's Mom's garden. Her name is Jackie Brickman, and she is a well known artist in this area also. Walking thru the garden gate, i felt as if i walked into the story book i loved as a girl "The Secret Garden". Lots of trees and greenery, with big old pots of flowers here and there. Sam had his sculptures tucked in along the walkway and in the back yard. He also had a few pieces on the deck. Jackie hand painted her stairs and deck with flowers and golden scroll work and tile like patterns, and i felt like i was walking up some special temple steps...Once back down in the yard, i spotted a tall, thin piece tucked on the ledge of the porch. I wasn't sure it was for sale, but something about it called to me. It reminded me of the little statues i keep on my altar, and it had some green moss growing on it...So i asked Sam about it. He said that one was called "Mary" after Jesus' Mother. And just like that, it was mine!

"Mary" from the front

"Mary" from the side

We then went up to see his glass pieces, which are fantastic! Some are hand sized pieces-disks and odd shapes of beautiful rich colored glass, that can easily be made into pendants or bracelets. But i was especially attracted to the wall pieces. They looked very "Planetary" to me, like brightly colored pieces of the Universe, suspended in glass and frames...I did not bring any glass home. My budget was already obliterated, and i really did come for sculpture for the back maybe next time... ;) Sam will be leaving for Europe in the coming week, but his things will be on display and available for sale at his Mom's place, until the right owner comes along! So many beautiful things....(Actually, i fell in love with one of Jackie's paintings of canaries in her hallway...I may have to speak to her about that....oh boy.... :)

To see a short video of Sam carving his sculpture, click here

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