Sunday, August 17, 2008

Beautiful Artist-Beautiful Art

We have a young friend of the family (introduced to us by our daughters) who is quite the accomplished sculptor. His name is Samson Contompasis, and to look upon this fine young man is like looking at a finely chiseled work of art....
(I can hear my daughters groaning now...But hey! I may be old, but i can appreciate beauty in all it's forms! ;) And the nice thing about Sam is, he is as kind and sweet as he is perty! Anyway, Sam carves his sculptures out of found materials. I personally own three of his pieces, carved from the cast off sandstone pieces no longer needed by a local church, the Albany Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception...

This one, the smallest of the three, lives on my deck

This one stands at the front gate

"Full Moon Rising" by S. Contompasis

And this one, (my favorite) stands guard at the front steps.

"Contompasis" by you know who.

Sam had been living in Portland, where he dabbled in glass blowing, drawing and painting and jewelry making.... He returned home recently and went right to work on more stone sculpture. Anyway, he is having a big sale this weekend, in an attempt to make enough money to follow his heart and visit Europe, and then to set up roots in Los Angeles. (Ahh! Youth!) I am hoping to stop by his sale and pick up another sculpture for the shade garden in the back... Wish me luck! (I'll post pictures if i get something new...)

To read an article on Sam and his recent work, click here