Saturday, May 3, 2008

Spring Haircuts

Well, my boys got a haircut, and they look so nice i thought i would share a picture with you. From left to right, is Amos Moses (Mozie) Gipetto (Geeps or Mr P) and Zinnia, who only got her nails clipped, but is there because she wants to do everything her brothers do. Mozie and Mr P are my old boys, 13 and 14 years old, and are doing more sleeping lately than anything else. Zinnia will be 2 in August and has enough energy for the three of them. Zin was a rescue adopted from a litter of dachshund/poodle mixes. Well, it is plain to see there ain't no dachshund or poodle in that dog! So somebody slipped a lone puppy into that litter! Then, because she was so small, we thought maybe chihuahua and terrier mix. But after a few good meals and some veterinary care to rid her of some nasty parasites, she grew and grew. Now we think she is part cattle dog/border collie/kangaroo. Her nickname is Zinniepoo the kangaroo. She is one of the most energetic, intelligent and"un-doglike" dogs i have ever had. My daughter insists she may be part alien....
Zinnie doing a little touch up on Gipetto for the picture

My best friends and constant companions.


woolies said...

AH!!! I love your puppies! Nice haircuts! I have a groomer that comes to my house - she has a van, all equipped, it's rather awesome.
Buster, the biggest, is the most terrified of her and her van. Quite ridiculous.

Mare said...

Thanks! I love my puppies too! Your little ones are sweeties too! My cockapoo Zebedee (who is now an angel puppy)HATED to go to the groomer. These guys are happy to see Chiloe the groomer, and just as happy to leave her! hahaha