Saturday, May 24, 2008

Letter from Sri Lanka

There was a new letter in my mailbox today! A letter from Nisansala from Sri Lanka, written by her older brother Dammika. Nisansala and her family live on the outskirt of the jungles of Sri Lanka and have written many times telling me that they stay up all night, fearful of the gun blasts in the jungle behind them, between the government soldiers and the militant groups there. It is a tough way to go to sleep for a little girl in a country far away. Still, the letters they send are always full of love and gratitude and happiness. If you click on the letter you should be able to read the actual letter. Reading these letters always gives me a different perspective on my life and my world. No matter how hard things seem here, it is always more difficult in other places in this world. And by the time i fold the letter and place it back in the envelope, i can't help but feel more gratitude for my Blessings, and the Blessing of this love sent to me by this little child and her family from so far away... Nisansala Madushani