Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memory Day

When i was a girl, i used to think of Memorial Day as "Memory Day". To me, it not only meant remembering the people who gave of themselves to keep us and our country safe and free, but it also meant Family sacrifice, and honoring those we love and who love us. Memorial Day is, for our family, the kick off for the Summer picnic season! This year, Mom and Dad had the picnic at their house. It was a beautiful weekend and the weather cooperated with us.
Dad and Don-The Master Grillers

Dad said to me recently..."How many children can say they knew their Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather? " referring to all of the little ones born into the family in the last few years. And it made me realize how very Blessed we are to have my Parents here with us, healthy and active and strong in their 70's. And so i will make sure that my grandchildren, Seth and Lola, will know and love their Great Grandparents, GG (which stands for Great Gram) and Bepa (which is what my daughter Kate, the first born grandchild called her grandfather, and it stuck!) And so i sat in the yard in the sunshine with my Husband, surrounded by my brother and sisters, their children, my children, my grandchildren and my Parents...my Family, feeling so Grateful for all of my Blessings and Memories...I share them with you dear friends...
GG and Lola

Bepa and Lola reading her favorite book

My Sister Kathy holds her grandson Ryan while i steal a kiss. You gotta catch them while you can!

And Seth, doing his best to gross out a few picnic-ers. And i think he succeeded with a few of them too! Happy Memory Day to you all!

(Note*no live spiders were hurt in the shooting of this photo*)


carolyn said...

Wonderful pictures of family, well maybe not the last one. LOL!

Mare said...

Thank you Carolyn... :)