Friday, March 21, 2008

Tying up a few loose threads....

I spent a few hours last night finishing the last few hand made guinea pigs to complete the "herd" before bringing them down to Mom's house for the little ones to choose from. My Nieces and Nephew will have their babies down there, and my daughter Carly will bring Seth and Lola too. Mom and Dad are coloring Easter eggs with the little ones this morning and i thought it would be a good day to gift the piggies. I am proud of the piggies as they are my own design, made with a "Knifty Knitter" loom. I love guinea pigs. I used to raise them and still have 2 little sows here as pets. I know children love the piggies too. I also spent some time adding button eyes, button ears and a button belly button to my first sock monkey. I think he needs some clothes tho..... I'll be sure to take my camera with me so there will be pictures to follow!

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