Saturday, March 29, 2008

Happy Spring?

Well, just when things started to look a little green around here, we had another late snow storm! I don't see this as a setback tho. The snow is good for the green things too. And i have a feeling this might be the last time we see the snow cover the ground like this for another year, so i had to go out and admire it, and take a few pictures. Things indoors can tell that Spring is here! The doves are billing and cooing up a storm!

My orchids are blooming. This one was a gift from my son in law last Mother's day and the one my daughter gave me two years ago is also getting ready to bloom again.

My little bonsai trees are having growth spurts too. Spring is here! It's just not that obvious yet!

I just finished a granny square doll blanket, and started making some little cotton baby hats for Kate's store and for local charities. I need to make some matching booties and off they go! My next projects will be jewelry making. Never a dull moment!

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