Saturday, December 22, 2012

Many Sisters~ a group from Peru

I used to raise guinea pigs for show, and worked with a local 4H group. I love guinea pigs, and have 2 piggie girls as pets. So whenever i see people who want to raise guinea pigs or improve the care of their animals, i contrubute. Of course, in Peru, guinea pigs are served as protein on the dinner table. But as long as they are well fed and cared for, i feel really good about that.
Santa Rosa De Lima De Conchacalla Group

Update on Santa Rosa De Lima De Conchacalla Group

The group are members of the communal bank "Santa Rosa de Lima de Conchacalla". The communal bank is located in the district of Anta in the province of Anta, department of Cusco.

Bernardina is in a civil union, is 46 years old and has one child. She works in her business, which is a grocery store. She sells basic needs items like rice, sugar, milk, and oil. She has had the business for 20 years and she also has a business raising animals like pigs, guinea pigs, and chickens. She fattens them up, raises them, and then sells them in various markets. She wants to get her child ahead through these businesses. Her dream is to have a storefront where she can sell her animals. She is requesting this loan to buy chickens and guinea pigs.

The members whose photos have been added to the group photo took those photos later because they asked to miss the meeting due to work obligations. The other members make their livings selling milk, corn, food, and livestock.

The member is grateful to those who are part of realizing her dream through this medium and she has committed to making her payments on time.


Dip-Dip and the Bridge said...

Yes, I have heard that they eat guinea pigs - someone off the tv here posted that he had eaten one there on Twitter and was deluged in death threats!
Lynne x

Mare said...

Hahahaha...You know i love these little guys, and yet, i do understand about them being on a menu somewhere. I used to show my piggies at local rabbit clubs, an in the canteen, they used to serve BBQ bunny on a bun and rabbit stew.I tasted both and they were delicious. I asked the cook(who was also the owner of the rabbits in the stew pots)how he decided which of his rabbits would be...well...lunch! He said it was easy-whichever one bit or scratched him! That was his way of culling aggression out of his rabbit lines...Interesting, huh?