Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Day, Open House

 On Christmas Day, we always have a celebration here. The event starts days ahead in preparation, but the doors open at 2:00pm, and they stay open until the last person goes home. I didn't get many pictures of the action here. But because we decided on a more "relaxed" menu, there was no slaving over hot stoves, attempting to keep food hot, or piles of dishes to do! It was all about sandwiches and LOADS of homemade baked goods, cakes, candies and cookies, with some dips and appetizers here and there. This year, there was more time to visit with loved ones, and to just enjoy the day

At the end of the day we counted 26 happy Christmas visitors, most who came and stayed for the day. My house is not very big, so we were crowded, and there are never enough chairs. But nobody seemed to mind, because we all love each other. The dogs and cats, even Safou, were all well behaved. The kids ran back and forth, screaming and laughing and playing tag, and climbing all over poor Seth(the big cool cousin!)

Zoey was such a good baby all day long. She never cried and never got fussy. Everyone took turns holding her and kissing her. Here she is in her Christmas dress with her GG.
Bepa held court at the head of the table when he wasn't in the living room watching basketball with some of the guys.
And Aunt Kathy wore a Beautiful shirt made by her grandson Ross, who is super creative. I can see a top fashion designer in our family's future. When the day was over, i was very tired. But all the work leading up to this is so worth it. We are a very big, loving, close knit family. And i think we are most happy when we can be all together. This Christmas was very special to me, because i am well aware i almost wasn't here for it. So for me, getting us all together is so important. I missed my sister Nancy and her family, who live in Florida, and could not be here for the day. But they were definitely here in spirit. Thank you Everyone who came and made this day so wonderful. Family is everything to me. Love, mare


crimsoncat05 said...

it looks and sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas, Mare! Have a Happy New Year!

Mare said...

Happy New Year to you too my friend!

Dip-Dip and the Bridge said...

That looks like a super family Christmas. Glad you all had so much fun together, it just makes Christmas so much better!
Lynne x

Mare said...

We had a great day Lynne! Hope you did too! Love, mare

Dip-Dip and the Bridge said...

Oh we did Mare, we had all the 'kids' (who are grown men, LOL) to stay and it was a real family Christmas.
Lynne x