Monday, September 2, 2013

My Stella Bella

Our Stella has been struggling with some health issues lately.
She has had a partially collapsed trachea for some time now, but lately it has worsened, and one night a week or so ago she and i were up all night trying to soothe her breathing passages with Reiki, love and prayers. I brought her to the doctor the next day and he told me that she had developed a significant heart murmur she did not have just this past Spring. Poor Stell was suffering from congestive heart failure.. Dr. White gave me some pills to try and said i would know if they worked within 10 days.
This was Stell when we started the medicine....She was struggling to breathe and was heavy with fluid...
 and this is Stella now!
 She is still very snorkey from her trachea but her breathing is much improved, and her energy level is fantastic! (chew that bone little tiger!)
She's even doing her little pirouette dance at feeding time. Thank Goodness for our vet and for miracles come true. We love you so much Stella!


Dip-Dip and the Bridge said...

I am so happy to hear this Mare. It is terrible to see them when they are struggling like that but it is amazing what those heat pills can do. Bridge has been transformed like Stella. Heres to a long happy life for both of our girls!
Lynne x

Anonymous said...

Our Kissy had CHF for years....when she would start to cough, would up the diuretic a little. That isn't what finally killed her either. I also put her on gingko biloba - I read once that helped the heart pump?! My vet said he was thinking of adding that to the "mix" in the future, since she did so well. She was also on Enalapril.