Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Kiva Sister- Ahida from Georgia

AhidaAhida is 49 years old. She lives in a small village of the Lagodekhi District with her husband and two daughters. Ahida requested loans from local financial institutions several times for a family business start-up, but without any success. Her loan request was rejected because of low income and the family’s poor living conditions.

The only source of income for the family is from their sheep-breeding business. They have 40 sheep and sell lambs locally. It is hardly enough to provide food for the family. According to Credo estimations the family belongs to the subsistence poor category.

Ahida requested a loan from Credo to start-up a family business. Ahida has now been approved for a loan within the framework of the new joint initiative of Kiva and Credo. The start-up loan program envisages provisions of business start-up and re-startup credits with soft conditions to rural poor people, who do not have access to credit products. These rural poor people are regarded as “high risk borrowers” because of their low income. With his credit Ahida will purchase milking cows. After purchasing the cows she will be able to produce dairy products for selling. She will be able to expand her husbandry business and increase the income of the family. The new business initiative, financed with the Kiva start-up loan will significantly improve the living conditions of the family.
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Dip-Dip and the Bridge said...

She looks as though she is strangling that lamb!
Hope she does well in her new career.
Lynne x