Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Third Annual Cohoes Artist Showcase at the Venue at St Joseph's, Day 1

 This is what you saw as you walked in to the beautiful main room of the old  rehabbed church. The floors were freshly done and gleaming, the walls painted and the art spread out all thru the main floor. It was a rainy chilly night out there, but inside it was warm and dry and the lighting from the old church lanterns was lovely.
 This picture will give you an idea about how high the ceilings are
 We had tables set out with all kinds of goodies to munch on while visiting the gallery
 and a group of jazz musicians set up to play on the first night
 You can't tell by this photo but this sculpture was huge!
 This was my rosary display wall. We had a LOT of visitors, and lots of interest. I sold a few pieces and went thru my entire pile of business cards.
And i took this picture so you could see we were set up right in front of the altar...The first night of the show we had over 200 people coming in and out and i was very busy talking to everyone, so i didn't get many pictures for you. Day 2 to follow.


Dip-Dip and the Bridge said...

What a beautiful church, they have made an excellent job of the refurbishment!
Love the way you have displayed your rosaries - glad you had some sales and so much interest.
Great pics, thanks for sharing :)
Lynne x

Mare said...

Thanks so much Lynne! It was funny...Some of the older folks came into the church and were sad about loosing their Parish when the church was closed and sold. Somehow i think being able to come in and see what good care the building is getting by the new owners made it a little better. And they were happy to see the rosaries! One woman said she thought she was "the only dinosaur left that prayed the rosary!" I told her oh no! There were a LOT of us still praying for peace. I wonder if the rosaries would have been received as well in another setting....