Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cats on Drugs

I gave the cats a little catnip on their toys and climber today and sat back and watched the show!

 Jack, the serious one, was rolling around on the top bunk of the climber and smiling for the camera
 our reclusive Lucy was out chasing the ball in her favorite toy
 and our already dizzy Hannah was a bit dizzier!
 Hey...this room is spinning.....
 wow...look at my paws! I see colors!
 (Jack relaxing)
 Whoa! Hold on...
 Hey! The room is spinning again!!!
 (Rosie watches her cat siblings with disdain)
 I don't do drugs....
But we do!!!


Dip-Dip and the Bridge said...

Cats on drugs - could there be a funnier blog title! They are certainly making good use of their recreational catnip, LOL.
Lynne x

crimsoncat05 said...

haha!! it's for 'medicinal' purposes, right?!? lol! Our cats don't really do much with catnip, except lick, lick, lick the catnip pillow... looks like yours were having fun!!

Mare said...

Hi Lynne and Jen,Yes! It's all leagal! hahaha

Paula said...

*hahaha* Definitely more than being "high on life"!!