Thursday, October 25, 2012

Look who's coming to live at my house!

This is Humphrey...a hand made teddy made with love by the teddy bear artist
(and my friend)
 Jess McCaughey of Teddybearswednesday
 I told myself it's time to tighten the belt around here, but as soon as i saw him it was Love....So he will come to live with me and his little brothers and sisters, all made by Jess. I swear her critters have magic inside of them...And to me it sounds curiously like a heartbeat!!!

Here are some other little friends that came from the talented hands of Jess...These little bears and buns(except the bear in the middle, who was made by me. He's best friends with the other two bears)

 And these two bears are favorites of mine. Every stitch of them was made by Jess, as they are crocheted. I suspect they get into some trouble at night after the lights go out, because many mornings i find them out of place...  
 like this! Hmmmmmm....
 Oh! And a few of Jess' wool felt bunnies live in one of my china cabinets. These two live in a big stonewear bowl
and this little guy looks out thru the glass sitting in a stonewear mug. 
Yes, we do love Jess and her little creations around here! Thank You Jess!


Dip-Dip and the Bridge said...

Oh no, Mare, I have to laugh because... believe it or not, I collect teddy bears too!
We were definitely seperated at birth, either that or we have a Vulcan mind-meld or something :)
I will have to post and put some pics of my teds on my blog.
I just love Humphrey, he is so old fashioned looking and those bunnies are just awwwwww. I am using all my willpower not to go over to that webiste, LOL. I have to tighten my belt too since I heard I was being made redundant.
Love Lynne x

teddybearswednesday said...

OH Mare thank you for such a gorgeous and generous post. You are too kind about me and my guys. thank you so much.
I'm so very very happy Humphrey is coming to be with you xo

Mare said...

Lynne, you are my Soul Sista for sure! hahaha You see, i used to have to say NO to all my little addictions-dolls and bears and buns,,,books and plants, etc. Then i started selling my own creations and opened a paypal account, and i have total control over that money. Believe it or not, i do manage to keep myself from overspending. BUT, when i see a little fellow like this, i give myself permission to splurge a bit. I am pretty sure i never grew up and am absolutely sure i don't ever want to! :) Have a wonderful weekend my sister!

Mare said...

Jess, that post is all truth! You are an amazing artist my friend. You know i love you...mare

Yarny Days said...

Oh my. Those dolls/ bears are so adorable! So well made...